Notes from Twin Peaks: Moving On, Moving Out

Some Almende readers might remember the „Notes from Seattle“ contributions to this blog. Well, this gal has moved out of Seattle and on to Twin Peaks… well, not exactly Twin Peaks, but as close as it gets. While I am still a Seattlite by day, my nights are now spent in a cabin in the woods of Fall City, Washington — one of several neighbourhood towns where the TV series and resulting film were shot. Being a huge fan of the show, it is a bit surreal to now live amongst the evergreens that dear Agent Cooper explored so many years ago.

Moving is often full of challenges, but luckily one element of the preparations was made easy. As I work at a large hospital, I had easy access to used cardboard boxes (you would probably be shocked at the number of boxes a large medical center will go through in just a single day). While companies like U-Haul will charge anywhere from $1.25 to $11.95 for a single brand-new cardboard box, I had the good fortune to acquire as many boxes as I needed for free. These boxes had a second chance to be useful, rather than head directly to a recycling plant, and with any luck they will find another day’s work before heading to the recycling facility.

For those folks in southern California that don’t have easy access to such a supply, there is an excellent and convenient alternative to consider. A new company called EarthFriendlyMoving, founded by inventor Spencer Brown, has developed a moving box called a RecoPack: a reusable lime-green moving tote box made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The company rents the boxes out to customers, delivering them to clients’ homes in bio-fuel trucks. After customers pack their belongings and move to their new home, EarthFriendlyMoving’s fleet of eco-trucks pick up the boxes to be used another day.

According to Mr. Brown, for every 100-box order, the company keeps more than 350 pounds of cardboard and 500 pounds of trash out of the landfill, spares the atmosphere from 2,500 pounds of CO2 and saves three trees, 50 gallons of gas and 300 gallons of water.

EarthFriendlyMoving plans to expand their services across America next year.

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